Friday, January 10, 2014

The Mommy brain

Ok, so I'm sure many of you have heard of "pregnancy brain," where when you are pregnant you forget many common things you normally wouldn't. I never had this while pregnant, though I did lie stating that I did, using it as a blameless excuse when getting caught for doing something incorrectly at work (but that's between you and me). Anyhoo, I do have what's known as the 'mommy brain,' after having a baby this past year.

Mommy Brain: The state in which a primary caregiver of a child forgets common words, relative's names, left and right as it applies to shoes, where she lives, phone numbers, simple math, and the topic of conversation post 5 second minimum after opening her mouth.

Daddy Brain: similar to the mommy brain, but proven not as severe. (the hubs has this, and it's kinda adorable) *statement in ( ) not approved by said husband therefore retracted.

-official definitions provided by 'Julie's brilliant, all be it scattered, brain.'

I'd like to further interpret this state of mind as it applies to my current condition. I will be using a metaphorical form of symbolism to provide further information, as I'm having trouble uploading my interpretive dance :

It's like my brain is a computer. It has many files and documents I've needed throughout my life. Once having a baby to care for though, my computer started automatically downloading all these other apps, links, toolbars, advertisements etc. Pop ups are constantly clouding my computer; some are viruses trying to get my system to crash and some have proven very useful and needed. I'm constantly trying to 'x out' or 'download now' as i sift through these constant pop-ups. Sadly I have to admit, that sometimes when walking into a group of moms, too many pop-ups with viruses attached cloud my computer and I must exit before I crash! So, with this constant array of pop-ups it's hard to get back to my past folders located on my desktop (aka - remembering what I already know). One frequent pop-up that has proven to be a life-necessity has the downfall of slowing down my current projects (namely conversations) at hand. It's a baby alarm clock reminder of sorts. Every couple minutes (sometimes I can snooze it for longer) it automatically pops up with the reminder to promptly answer the following questions: "where's my baby and how's my baby?" This reminder requires immediate action to take place no matter where you are, what you're doing, or who you're with. My computer's slowing down in that it has tried speeding up faster than I originally thought it could go. My files are harder to sort through now that my baby reminders are popping up left and right. This has caused me to reboot my words so they can come out of my mouth at a quicker pace (a working progress), this way a full sentence can be completed before the alarm interrupts all trail of thought and I can no longer complete the conversation.

This may or may have not made sense to you, but if it didn't I'll just blame it on my mommy brain, and I'm not lying, I have it.

Heaven's slice is remembering it's ok to forget.

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