Friday, January 17, 2014

Putting your children in boxes

No, this post is not about the story of that couple taking in unwanted babies that the mother placed in their box (but wow, that was an amazing story hey?!).

Soooo much information on raising babies, children, and teens are surfacing everywhere I look: If your child has the following traits it is known as THIS type of personality and you must use THESE tactics in your parenting or your child will become a serial killer anxiety ridden depressed scared lonely failure of a human being who will require years of therapy and/or prison to correct. Which all could have been avoided if you simply would have placed your child in this box here and only said and done what is in this matching box. But, parents of previous generations weren't taught this back then, so you're not to blame, though now that you have heard this information it's now your responsibility to do as I say or your child will suffer the consequences. After all, I am a psychologist, psychiatrist, mom of 2, mom of 11, owner of a large corporation, studying childhood development in college, a teacher, a famous actor, a successful blogger, a journalist etc. and am therefore the expert on your child. Obviously I'm exaggerating to prove a point, but this is how a lot of information on parenting feels when coming across to me and I don't like or agree with it.

Sure, some points are proven useful with statistics and what not, but I think we forget these are in fact human beings. You know, Heavenly Father's pride and joy whom he created out of his own image. I'm pretty sure he didn't say ok this group you will be blue and this is how you will act and these blue things are what you'll require from others in order to succeed in this life, and this group will be red… green… purple… etc. I feel we are all individually unique and special and the only thing universally required to help us through this life is simple: LOVE. Teach your children they are loved and show them to love. There are many ways a child can be reared, but there is one founding principle it always needs to come back to and that is love.

"As a mother you have been given divine instincts to help you sense your child's special talents and unique capacities." - Elder Richard G. Scott The Eternal Blessings of Marriage

This child came to you, therefore Heavenly Father matched your specific and individual wonderful gifts, talents, and personality to nurture this precious gift. Prayerfully raising your child with love WILL be enough, and come what may this love must remain. Sometimes we need to just get back to the basics.

Heaven's slice is teaching love to our children.

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