Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reese Sticks

Self control when it comes to food is not my strongest quality. This is particularly true when it comes to most things chocolate.

Reese Sticks just so happens to be the best chocolate bar of all time. Your argument to state otherwise is protected under a 'freedom of speech' law, but just know that you are in fact wrong.

So keeping these two things in mind. My darling awesomeness of a husband surprises me with this delightful chocolate bar every so often. Though he has learned that if he buys me more than one he cannot divulge where the others are hidden. There have been many instances in past times where I have eaten 8 at one sitting (2 kingsize). After this I feel kinda sick, but not too bad, the real hard part is the next day: I so desperately would like the another, but I had selfishly ate all of them the previous day not thinking how future me would feel about it.

The hubs had recently given me one in which I started to devour, but found it tasted kinda rancid. I checked the expiry date which indicated it was in fact overdue by a month. I was faced with a difficult decision: Do I suck it up and continue to eat the other half, and after finding out where the other two are   devour their rancidness too? Sure it was gross, but you didn't know that until the aftertaste. After much thought provoking voices ran through my mind, the final decision was made: to not continue eating them and to throw them all out. This was hard, I L-O-V-E Reese Sticks, so throwing them out proved to be a difficult thing.

A metaphor of this trying situation in the simple life of me holds 2 great wisdomous (let's pretend that's a real word) lessons:

1. Sometimes you need to take a break from the thing you love in order to not resent it in the future. - If I had continued to eat these expired Reese Sticks I would have probably gotten sick and grown to resent their taste as they'd always remind me of that one instance of grossness. I would have lost the thing I loved.

2. Sometimes you need to take into account for the "aftertaste" your actions will have, what may feel good and right at the time may feel bad and wrong in the future. - The bites of this chocolate bar were good, when it was sitting in my mouth it tasted fine. However, upon swallowing, the aftertaste was absolutely disgusting and lingered like that for a long time.

(Shameless advertising in hopes someday the president of Reese Sticks will see this and give me a lifetime supply)
       Fun Fact: I wanted to get a photo of me eating the chocolate bar, but I ate it all before I had the chance, so I melted chocolate chips and smeared them on my lips to appear as if I just ate them… let's just say my lips didn't turn out as well as planned.

Heaven's slice is knowing when you need to take a break from something you once loved in order not to resent it later and acknowledging tomorrow's consequences for right now's actions.

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