Monday, January 6, 2014

Heaven's slice is...

This is the 5th (I think) attempt at writing a blog. Each time I've posted on this blog for the past 7 years the thought sets in that I have just posted my shoe's size, colour, shape, feel, texture, brand name, and number of skuff marks, thereby stating to the world - "These are my shoes please walk around in them and judge me!" Anxiety sets in and I delete delete delete. Admitting I HATE the feeling of people knowing too much about me, meanwhile accepting my LOVE of writing, I will take comfort in my anxiety medication composed of the knowledge that my shoes are stuck on my feet so perfectly that no one could ever take them off to try them on. Without further digression here is my blog!

Here's the backstory behind the title:
A few years back I once day dreamed of writing a blog called 'Heaven's slice.' This blog was going to be the happy proud ramblings of my husband and I's very own cattle ranch family life. Yes, somehow we were going to fall into millions of dollars, enough to afford our very own cattle ranch. But then, I became a mother, both physically and spiritually and the following image was tenderly branded onto my heart:

Yes, that's my husband and daughter. These two remind me everyday what a big slice of heaven I have been blessed with. No amount of acres, cattle, or even horses could ever compensate.

Heaven's slice is family.


TinaLaRae said...

Tears and love for you my dear sister! You are amazing! I love the way you think, thank you!

Julie said...

Awe, thanks sis! I love you too :)