Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Quite honestly, I LOVE new year's resolutions. Every year I reflect in my journal what happened that year, review the goals and theme of last year, and write new goals and theme for the new year. I have around 50+ goals I excitedly write down. Some of these resolutions are serious, some are silly, some are physical, but most are spiritual. With each year it seems some goals stay in place even though they were already accomplished year after year and some goals get thrown to the wayside. Each new year I find myself more so editing my old resolutions instead of starting brand new. I like this way of doing it.

Next year at the start of 2015 is where I watch myself with great empathy. She will be older and therefore much wiser; having had even more experiences to go through forcing much growth and strength upon her. When she opens her journal to 2014 and the goals made, how will she take what I have wrote? -
What goals will offend her that that's actually what I thought was important in 2014?
What will make her proud that she fulfilled that daunting-but-oh-so-worth-it task?
What goals were completely out of her hands to begin with, and therefore hurt her to see them written on the page?
What goals will she regret weren't on that page?
What easy fun one's will she delightfully check off?
Will she feel like one who has failed?
Will she feel she has succeeded?
Will she be editing out most of the goals or will she be keeping them for the new year?

I often look to my future self as a real person. I treat her like porcelain: beautiful, yet easily breakable. I don't want her to look back and be saddened by the choice I made earlier that day/month/year. I don't want her to remember that awful thing I said to her as she stood on the scale. I'd hate it if the guilt consumed her for what I didn't let her do for someone who needed her help. Those negative words or actions about a fellow child of god that I could fill her mouth with will break her into a million pieces and it will be a long recovery process. I'm so fortunate she's forgiven me for my teenage years and all those awful things I said and did to her.

I feel my future self is a very real and tangible being, after all, isn't she? Christ atoned for her over 2,000 years ago. Let us all take good care of our future selves in letting them know they were thought about, not only by our redeemer, but by us as well.

Happy New Year!

Heaven's slice is being kind to your future self.

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