Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Week of Reading My Patriarchal Blessing

As a weeker I decided to read my patriarchal blessing every day. To find out what a Patriarchal Blessing is you can CLICK HERE.

Every day for 7 days I read it. And by the end of the 7th day it was pretty well memorized. I do have a gift of easy memorization, but none the less it was so wonderful to have that amazing blessing stored in my mind. I actually continued doing this for sometime after the weeker was done, because it was so profound to me. I seem to take these spectacular gifts in my life forgranted, and through reading my patriarchal blessing I was able to see more clearly how incredible it is to have this loving guide from my Heavenly Father to help me remember the purpose of my mortal journey.

This was probably my most profound and favourite weeker, and I challenge anyone that has theirs to do it as their weeker.

Heaven's slice is patriarchal blessings.

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