Friday, October 14, 2016

He Sees Your Try

Quite a few months ago I heard something that really touched and encouraged me to finally change my view.

I was in relief society, and as a discussion was commencing on a certain gospel topic there was a comment made from another sister (sister is what we call each woman in the church, as we believe all people are children of god, so we are all essentially brothers and sisters) She had stated that she tries to read her scriptures first thing in the morning before reading or perhaps even doing anything else. She went on to talk about how God has stated that he is a "Jealous God" and that '"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" and how by reading her scriptures first that it is like a sign she is giving to Him. This may not be exactly what she said, but that is what I took from it.

I'm sure I've heard this many times before, but this is the first time I actually listened. I always had this prideful kind of way about my morning hatred. I've purposefully not read my scriptures in the morning because I've felt like I'm not really alert enough to understand all what I'm reading. I'd get more out of it by doing it at night, or so I thought until now...

I took this into my life almost the day after I heard that comment. I began putting scripture reading as one of my first to-do's in the morning. Before any screen-related scrolls, I made sure that I had read my scriptures first. If I hadn't read them yet, I'd only watch gospel-related videos until I did. There was much effort and attention at first to place this habit into my life, but I now find I crave that symbolic gesture in the morning.
That sign I give to my Heavenly Father that I want to put him first in my life. 

I've found that since doing this, I've become more inspired this year than ever before. I feel a more frequent closeness to Heavenly Father and even more personal revelation given to me. I see lights at the end of tunnels, and dreams becoming more strongly known. I am also feeling more desirous to change faulted behaviours of mine. I feel that he has seen my try and he is blessing me for it.

Heaven's slice is putting God first.

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