Thursday, October 6, 2016

Family Photos

I'll never get that photo of the 3am snuggle.

I'll never get the photo of the first time she told me I was her bestest friend in the whole wide world.

I'll never get the photo of the playful teasing banter of my husband and I have as we prep supper.

I'll never get the photo of those ordinary extraordinary moments in life that burst your heart. That create memories deep into your soul. Those moments where you are fully present and aware of the precious gift you have before you. For those moments are too special to photograph. They are sacred, and only for me.


But the photos I can get are worth every single penny! Amongst wind, short attention spans, and a friendly clingy kitten was a photographer talented enough to take on the challenge. It was so fun to get our precious family all dressed up and have an evening out playing at a kind neighbour's farmyard (I consider a neighbour anyone within a 10 mile radius, is that weird?. She created gorgeous poses and beatified our images in such a dreamy romantic way. I sure do love her style!

Huge thanks to Meghan Holt Photography!

Feast your eyes upon a few of our family photo treasures!

Heaven's slice is this precious family of mine.

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