Thursday, January 7, 2016

Every Month a New Year

A new year has commenced and I've got goals on the mind.

Over the past year or two I've noticed that there's something special about a 30 day time frame. For me, it's just short enough to keep my interest and motivation whilst also being just long enough to tackle a great feat.

Every month I am choosing 1 goal, 1 weeker, and 1 task/project to accomplish.

Goal = Something MAJOR that will be your primary focus for the month. Something like 465 things gone, memorizing something lengthy that's of great importance to you, or a certain book read...things like that.

Weeker = A 7 day daily regimen of something you want to or feel you should do, but are scared of commitment and/or too scatter brained to remember. Think things like flossing, drinking 8 glasses of water, taking only stairs for work, or getting dressed before noon... 7 days isn't overbearing, so you will probably actually do it. At the end of the 7 day trial you can then decide to take it or leave it. You have 4 weeks to squeeze in your 7 consecutive days to trial it. Once you do it you can take on another weeker for the month, or only do the 1, whatever you wish.

Task/project = Something you've been wanting to get done, but haven't for whatever reason. It's not something big, but something that does require a little time set aside.

This is your new year in a month. You're going to make it simple by having it few, but it's going to make a big impact.

Repeat for the next month.

Can you imagine what you'll be able to accomplish in 12 months!?! I just love it when productive ideas fall into my head!

With simplicity as my need and accomplishment as my desire, this progressed it's way into binder form. If you're interested, this is what I made to help me with this New Month = New Year project:

1 binder
   dividers (# depends on your personal categories)
1 plastic sleeve
1 bundle of loose sleeve paper
A list of your interests (faith, family, home, writing - limit them to what is MOST important to you) *must include Goals

Step 1 Write in alphabetical order your interests. Then write one on each tab.

Step 2 Put in the tabs with paper in between each into the binder.

Step 3 Put the plastic protecter with a page inside stating the Month on top then 'Goal', 'Weeker,' and Task/project' down the side.

Optional: Make it cute and put those Pinterest board quotes to good use!

How to use it:

You will write in your divided sections many things pertaining to the subject: wants, things to remember, any and every scribble you whimsy.

From those sections you are going to pull things you really want done and put it under your 'Goals' section.

From your 'Goals' section you are going to pull 1 hefty goal, 1 simple weeker, and 1 task/project to write on your month page that's in front of the binder. This way, your goal will be the first thing you will see every time you open the binder to jot a note down.

* Side note - Keep those month sheets so you can look over your accomplishments come the new year!

Heaven's slice is bettering yourself through goals.

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