Friday, May 1, 2015

The Tizzy

Ever get into a tizzy? 

A small insignificant whirlwind tizzy that suddenly spins up rapidly into a mini tornado?

You try desperately to not let it overpower you, especially because logically it's such a small insignificant moment that there's no way it should be taking hold of your heart the way it has. You ruminate the event over and over in your mind thinking it must be guilt I'm feeling, what was it I said/did and what should I have said or did? As you mull this over and over and over you still seem to find nothing that you did that you would have needed to change... yet you still are feeling the torment of a tornado tizzy getting bigger and bigger. You then think ok, I just need to forget about this and let it go! But how?!!!

And then you look into your darling daughter's eyes and see the sheer joy she has over life and you realize... wow I haven't even thought about that thing at all, YAY!... of course saying this in your brain has brought back up the incident you were relishing in forgetting and your tizzy comes back...

We think we just need a distraction to have us get rid of these awful feelings, that's all, or we just need to work it out in our brains and it'll subside, or we just need to spill all our guts to friends about it and unleash all this anxious anger embarrassment whatever thing this is on others. We jump on facebook giving a negative ranted status, we start pinning humorous sarcastic memes from pinterest, we make dinner, we stuff our face with ice cream, we go for a long run, we clean and organize our house, we even try just spending that precious quality time with our family... Yet these distractions either make it spiral worse or provide only temporary relief.

Praying and Reading Scriptures
It's simple yet weirdly difficult to do a lot of times. Though, through my many tizzy experiences this is the only thing that truly protects my heart from further damage and mends my mind back to peace. Sometimes kneeling quietly to our Heavenly Father seems unattainable in the midst of distractive devices at our fingertips and others in our physical presence, but the result is worth every effort. Whether I read from modern-day prophets or prophets of old, the scriptures do wonders in shining out the words that I need for encouragement and upliftment to continue on in joy, leaving my worries behind me or at least kept at bay.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from a speech by Gordon B. Hinckley that I stumbled upon after one of my tizzy's:

"I come this morning with a plea that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that we “accentuate the positive.” I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and effort. I am not asking that all criticism be silenced. Growth comes of correction. Strength comes of repentance. Wise is the man who can acknowledge mistakes pointed out by others and change his course. I am not suggesting that our conversation be all honey and blossoms. Clever expression that is sincere and honest is a skill to be sought and cultivated. "
"What I am suggesting and asking is that we turn from the negativism that so permeates our society and look for the remarkable good in the land and times in which we live, that we speak of one another’s virtues more than we speak of one another’s faults, that optimism replace pessimism, that our faith exceed our fears."
"We are the creatures of our thinking. We can talk ourselves into defeat or we can talk ourselves into victory."
"We have been blessed with the bounties of heaven and the bounties of earth. Oh, how magnificently and munificently we have been blessed! Now, with gratitude in our hearts, let us not dwell upon the few problems we have. Let us rather count our blessings and in a great spirit of gratitude, motivated by a great faith, go forth to build the kingdom of God in the earth."
"Let me urge you to desist from making cutting remarks one to another. Rather, cultivate the art of complimenting, of strengthening, of encouraging. What wonders we can accomplish when others have faith in us. No leader can long succeed in any society without the confidence of the people. It is so with us in our daily associations. "

"Look for the good and build on it. Don’t be a “pickle sucker.” There is so much of the sweet and the decent and the good to build on. "
"Said the Lord in a dark and troubled hour to those he loved, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27). May the Lord bless you, each of you, with faith, with affection, with hope, with charity,.."
- Gordon B. Hinckley

Heaven's slice is knowing where to turn to mend our troubled heart.

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