Friday, May 15, 2015

Beautiful Bodies part V (5) - THE STEPS

Here are the steps I've found most helpful to go through to regain your insight into how beautiful you are. I say regain because, yes! At some point in your life you knew this; watch any baby fluttering their hands in front of their eyes or toddler staring at themselves in a mirror with huge smiles on their faces - they know.

STEP #1 Find your Motive.
This is your why to the journey you are about to embark. It is the #1 step and the most vital. Anyone can do anything, good or bad, as long as they have a strong enough reason for why they are doing it. This isn't the "so I can feel comfortable in a bikini" "so I can fit into that dress"  reasoning; it can't be superficial. It's got to be deep, it's got to be personal, it has to be important. Here are a few examples:

So that I can set the example for my daughter to love herself.
So that I can be more in control of my thoughts and better dictate my own happiness.
To recover from an eating disorder that's taken control of me.
To help safeguard myself against depression spirals.

STEP #2 Become self-conscious about the way you speak about yourself.
First you must become aware of your vocal words you speak about yourself. Recognize every time you say something negative about yourself to others. Get uncomfortable with it, feel the guilt, and then... apologize to yourself, forgive yourself, and start cutting those negative words out of your social vocabulary. Your thoughts will magically start to follow suit. It'll take a great deal more self-discipline to kick the negative thoughts out, but it will be so much easier once your vocal words are no longer bullying you.

STEP #3 Find gratitude for your body.
You have a body, whatever piece of it is missing or you think needs to be missed, whatever your individual circumstance, you can always find gratitude in your body. If you have legs that can walk, if you have sight, if you can speak on your own command, or if you have birthed children, you have MUCH to be grateful for. Find your reasons to be thankful and fixate on them. Think about them often, vocally give sincere gratitude for them.

STEP #4 Protect and enjoy yourself.
Finally after you've gone through steps #1-3 successfully you can start bringing in some more external practices that'll help protect your improved self-worth:
Avoid hearing as much negative body talk that you can. Be around those who are secure and humble enough to love themselves. Erase/throw out/untag any photos of yourself that you detest. Keep those around and visible the photos you love. Relish being in your new found perspective by enjoying being you! Take your beautiful body for a sightseeing hike, paint your toes, eat food that not only tastes but makes you feel good, sew a quilt, paint, go try on clothes, plant a big ol' kiss on someone, play a sport etc.... just enjoy all that you can with the body you have.

Heaven's slice is knowing YOU'RE GORGEOUS!

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