Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals

This photo has been brought to you in part by: my love of Jimmy Fallon.

I LOVE New Years! The biggest reason why though is the goals. I love looking at my 'time capsuled' goals of last year and coming up with new ones. It's fresh starts and new you's; the possibilities are endless and the hope is on high gear!

Since my goals, I feel, are super personal I'm keeping them private....BUT here are 2 things that will NEVER (wow that sounds really permanent) make it into my list of goals:

1. Weight - I'll admit in years past this was on my list in my teenagerdom of self-esteem struggles, but I've changed a lot since then. Even within the past year it seems I've changed even more drastically (may be it's called maturing??). I've become SUPER passionate about advocating heightened self-esteem and self-image in people, especially youth (yes having a daughter also played a HUGE role in this). How can I go about promoting that kids, especially girls, feel that they are beautiful who they are right now if I don't even think that of myself? So, I've been implementing things in myself to promote my own self-esteem, self-image, and overall self love. A large majority of negativity on one's self stems from body issues. Therefore, weight is now on the total outs of my vocabulary, actions, and even mind. There will be no goals regarding weight ever again in my New Years resolutions. No number on a scale is going to determine how happy I can be, nor do I believe it can for anyone really.

2. Size - Same thing, different unit of measure. 

I am all for being as healthy as you can be, but weight and size are not part of this. The number on that scale and the number on that dress's tag is not going to tell you your health. It won't tell you that your food choices that day were very nourishing to your body; Nor will it tell you what sort of strength your body has right now. Eating what makes your body feel good, full, energetic, nourished etc. and moving your body in ways that give you strength, energy, flexibility, and stamina are really the only realistic health goals one can have. Weight and size aren't part of it. Health is about making your body "feel" a certain way not about making your body "look" a certain way. It's a sharpening of one's mind and will give you the positive image you've always wanted; you'll have never looked more gorgeous!

So there it is folks, my 2 "NEVER going on my list of new years goals" goals. Feel free to adopt this way of thinking :) But... you don't HAVE to... ;)

Heaven's slice is a new year.

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