Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Whole Year!

I can dream pretty big and get pretty consumed by my imagination. I can get so consumed that I kind of get bored of that dream since I used up all my engergies with it in la la land. Eventually I just abandon any pursuit of the dream because its really already come true in my head. What I'm getting at is that I don't stick to things very often... But one year ago today I started this blog with the intentions of doing at least 1 post a week and I totally succeeded for an entire year!!! WHAT?!! So in honour of this great feat I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!... to myself... in the form of a small coke slurpee :) I may also make myself a cake too because I think there's a cake mix about to expire in my storage room... Any hoo I guess it goes to show if you find something you're really passionate about, you make the time and effort for it.

Also here's a flashback to my first blog post: CLICK HERE!

PS I'm sorry I'm not giving a slurpee to you also, it's just that I'm attempting to live like I'm broke for the next 2 months and I can't justify budgeting that in for the millions (slight exaggeration) that are reading this. 

Heaven's slice is celebrating it's 1 year old birthday.

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