Friday, December 26, 2014

The CHRISTmas Gift

Last year I started something new for myself for the Christmas season and wanted to continue in this tradition. It all really got spurred on by the question: "What could I give my Savior for Christmas?" Of course the loving one another and giving more of myself popped into my head, but something inside me pressed deeper. I came to the realization that when I truly love and care about someone I try hard to make time for them, to listen to them, and to get to know them more. It was with this intention I decided that I wanted to bring Christ more into my Christmas season by taking the time to learn and study His life and mission more. So, last year I decided to read all of Matthew and loved how it brought me closer to Him. This year I really wanted to read the Book of Mormon (Click to view what this book is) by Christmas.

I've read the Book of Mormon all the way through before, and almost every year I try to read it all through again. My problem is though, that I read it for a while and then I forget to; time passes by fast and I feel guilty starting where I left off, so I read it again from the beginning. I've probably read 1 + 2 Nephi 1000 times (slight exaggeration). But, this year was different, I wanted it to be a gift I could give to Christ for Christmas. And, as He has never let me down, I knew I couldn't let Him down.

Well, December came and I had been reading the Book of Mormon somewhat daily since January... a verse here, may be a chapter there. It all came to a head once I buckled down to do the calculation though: If I wanted to be done reading the Book of Mormon by Christmas I would have to read 20 pages a day. Now 20 pages may not be much for you, but let me tell you something about me - I read fast, and comprehend S---L---O---W which is why I am too impatient with books and choose to only read Church talks, articles, blog posts, and FB status' (only the short one's). I was in way over my head if I thought about it, but truth is, I didn't. I looked at that "= 20" on the screen and said, "OK."

I finished it Christmas Eve and gained even more of a testimony of it! I understood it better than I ever had before. I learned so many new and interesting things about the inhabitants of the America's B.C. and early A.D. times. But... I think the most important thing I rediscovered is the how and why Jesus Christ has always been and should always be such a relevant part of our everyday lives. The call for "Repentance" is NOT a condemnation to low lives from off a high horse. It is a glad tiding of great joy that is relayed so that we can know that change is possible, mistakes can be undone, sins can be erased, and hearts mended. Christ's message is a joyous one and the best gift anyone can have, and everyone has the option to receive.

Heaven's slice is coming to know our Saviour.

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