Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Two-Year-Old Conclusion

Now that I have a 3 year old, I feel I have full license to publish my thoughts on the "terrible two" stage.

First, they are NOT terrible. They are fun. So fun. They are just hilarious in their every venture. They walk and talk like they know everything and do so with full intent of action regardless of the firm mention of "No." It's incredibly entertaining and just a joy to have a two year old. Truly. It is.

It's just may be a little hard though on us parents because... Well... You can't go anywhere.

They get into everything, hit everyone, and run. Boy do they run. Fast.

Honestly, if I had no obligations to go to any functions or social gatherings, it would probably be the best stage EVER. I could let her roam freely and get into everything. It would be so fun, exciting, even crazy enjoyable as a parent. I mean I'd follow closely for safety purposes, but it would be easy peasy.

But alas, you have to still carry them out into the world. Groceries. Other peoples' houses. Appointments. Whatever else.  So, you have to teach them, the smaller version of yourself that wants to have more authority than you. And they will fight you daily for the illusive captain's chair you are desperately trying to keep your rear on.

But still. It's fun. So fun.

Three's chalking up to be a pretty fun year as well...

Heaven's slice is being blessed to have a two year old child in your charge.

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