Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dear Junior High Self,

If a magical make-believe set of events occurs in which you find yourself reading this letter on the internet on a website called, I just want to tell you a few things -

First things first:
I'm you in 2016. This is my thing called a blog, it's like a free personal/public website thingy. It's a place where I type stuff and make it available for anyone to read on the internet. I know your time is precious so I'll try to be quick, as you're probably reading this during computer class because dial up at home is so slow it would be almost impossible to read it there... On second thought, you're reading a website 15+ years into the future soooo may be that is a possibility...?

Some hope:
I know you have somewhat frequently wondered ever-so hopelessly if anyone finds you pretty. You feel ugly and fat (future you HATES that word) a lot of the time and wonder if you'll ever have a boyfriend or if any boy likes you, let alone loves you... I'm here to tell you. well. none of that stuff really matters, so you can stop your fretting because you end up marrying a total HOTTIE!!!!!! -

I'm for real. This is your future husband. And yes, that is a cowboy hat. Still don't believe me?

Here's some wedding pics as proof (ps - you get married in the temple, yay!)

Oh my heck DID YOU JUST FAINT?!!!

You back in conscionness again? K good. Ya, he's so hot right?! And he absolutely adores you too. Seriously, the best partner, lover, and friend you've been dreaming of plus more.

Since you fainted I probably shouldn't show you this... but I'm going to anyways because you've just got to take a look at them!

Yep, you made those!!! I'm not even sorry you fainted again lol ( "LOL" stands for "laugh out loud") . Aren't they the cutest creatures you ever did see?!

Glad I could make your day Julie. Catch ya in 2016 ;)   <--- that's a winking smiley face FYI (I know you had a hard time figuring that out for a while.)


PS - Try to forget this letter and just live your life doing what you know to be right and correcting your mistakes along the way. You'll end up here eventually and can enjoy this special family of yours  soon enough ;) Keep the faith my dear and hold fast to that iron rod!

Heavens slice is seeing your life from the past's eyes.

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