Thursday, July 23, 2015

Winning MVP

Parenting/mothering your children is like a sport: There is always an opposing side to be fought aggressively for the win. Plays made are in both offence and defense form. Sometimes you have team mates, but majority of times you're in it alone. Not only is there physical stamina needed but mental, emotional, and spiritual endurance as it's game on 24/7. And instead of a cheering crowd, it's mostly critics, who are only able to see a spec of a glimpse of your parenting to further their judgments.

But one of the best things about this sport is that every day without fail you get awarded as the MVP, because to your kids you're always the MVP. Whether you're succeeding or in the struggles, the trophy is yours, and though you don't always feel like you deserve your MVP award at the end of the day, you are still the most-valued-player in their lives. It's not their soccer coach, english teacher, band instructor, nursery leader, their friend down the street, and no, it's not even grandma (gasp!); it's you! It's a lot of pressure and a whole lot of work being a parent, but I don't know of any actual sport that could come anywhere close to the satisfaction that comes from knowing what an important part  you play in someone's lives. I've never felt so needed, so vital in someone's life. Having a new baby just reminds you of how so very essential you are.

The parenting phase of having littles kind of forces you to put some personal activities you previously enjoyed onto the back burner, but given the immense sense of belonging, importance, significance, and necessity in being you feel  it truly isn't a sacrifice. (I haven't rode a horse in almost a year and do you think I've lost any sleep over it? Definetly have NOT.)

I want to earn it. I want to earn that MVP award at the end of the day. When my head hits that pillow my hope is always that my children have felt loved and were taught how to succeed, to improve, but most importantly to love others. The participation award is key to knowing you've earned your MVP title that day; really participating and being fully present in the presence of your children.

"The service that counts most is usually recognized by God alone." 
                                                                     - elder Michael T. Ringwood.

Heaven's slice is giving something up in cause for something greater and earning your MVP trophy.