Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Would Rather

I would rather watch a lightning storm than fireworks.
I would rather ski in slushy snow with the warmth of the sun than perfect powder in freezing cold.
I would rather wear ski pants that are the bib overall kind than the pants type kind.
I would rather clothes shop all by myself than with others.
I would rather have backcombed crazy messy hair than thoroughly brushed through hair. (if your hair isn't thin, then you just don't understand).
I would rather have long 'unhealthy' hair with a ton of split ends than perfectly healthy short hair. (I have  a hair attachment)
I would rather ride the chair than the gondola. (it just feels safer for some reason EXCEPT not if I had my kid with me of course)
I would rather ride horses than sit around talking about it or about horses in general. (those conversations kinda bore me)
I would probably rather come up with names for all the stars in the sky than watch or play remote controlled video games. (the kinnect is awesome however)
I would rather stay up late than get up early.
I would rather wear jogging pants or pj pants than any other pant.
I would rather do my business in the woods than a public washroom. (I'm just not in a secluded forest often enough to utilize it)
I would rather chase a calf than a barrel.
I would rather have a lot of small bills or change than big bills in my possession.
I would rather write than read.
I would rather watch the movie than read the book.
I would rather dance than sing.
I would rather dance privately than in public.
I would rather Taylor Swift had chosen to stay country than pop... but whatever I guess her life is her decision... lame. (I so hate that I catch myself dancing to her new songs)
I would rather watch funny youtube celebrity interviews than uploaded funny one's from non-celebs.
I would rather pretend in my imagination that I'm a famous actress than ever actually be one.
I would rather spend my money on a trip or activity with someone than on a thing or object.
I would rather have bare feet than shoes to run out to the dumpster or vehicle at home.
I would rather my house be decluttered with stuff put away than sanitized.
I would rather get rid of things in my house than bring new stuff in.
I would rather have a cat than a dog. (Please no death threats - I respect that many have a different view and I'm fine with being the 'uncool' one that likes cats.)
I would rather my pets/animals be outside than in. (though if you live in town you have no choice obliviously;  your pets should be enclosed in your house/yard)
I would rather watch all the previews than skip to the movie.
I would rather chocolate than candy.
I would rather walk through a field than on pavement.

Heaven's slice is knowing yourself.

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