Thursday, February 6, 2014

Being an adult rocks

A few weeks back I was sitting on the couch in our basement. It was late at night so my little one was asleep upstairs. By my side was my handsome hubby, we were watching a tv show I quite enjoy and I had not one but two ice-cream cones in my possession; both of which were for me. This was one of those times where my kid self would approve of this poster worthy moment with the bold caption: Adulthood - you're doing it right.

Being an adult no doubt has it's challenges with being independent in making a life and a home for yourself. Working, going to school, paying bills, budgeting, and all the necessary decisions needed for one to acquire the lifestyle you so choose comes with stresses. I get that, however I have been fortunate enough thus far to have more than sufficient for my needs and I am truly loving adulthood with all it's glories - If I want to go for a cruise I don't have to ask permission for car keys or get a lecture on gas wasting. If I want to bake cookies at 10:45pm or just eat all the dough straight from the raw egg infested bowl I do it guilt free. I love adulthood and all the agency we get to pursue while in this wonderful phase. While some look back longingly on the carefree beckoning of their childhood, I look at my right now in this wonderful phase I stand in with my full agency intact. At times my opinions stir from hearing someone state the common phrase "everything happens for a reason"  and I bite my tongue fighting to yell "yes, and sometimes the reason is you made a stupid decision." But then I check myself and humbly remember, that is their agency, and you of all people know how precious that is, so no judgments are necessary.

I definitely had a good childhood and teen years, but since becoming an adult there's something to be said on personal agency in our freedom to choose. It's part of the divine plan of this mortal realm we're in, and I'm truly grateful for the privilege and trust heavenly father gave us with this portion of the plan. Sometimes I think the time spent in the Garden of Eden was similar to a childhood - sometimes I think that even though Adam and Eve might have missed petting all the tame lions, tigers, and bears and viewing all the beautiful weedless plant life, they embraced their full understanding of the agency they possessed after being cast out of the garden and working their way to return to their Father's presence. They understood it was necessary and strived to find the joy through their righteous choices.

Being an adult rocks.

Heaven's slice is agency.

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