Thursday, September 11, 2014

If it were up to her...

If it were up to her, bare feet would always get tickled.
Her favourite blanket would NEVER be washed.
Fingers in another's mouth would replace the handshake.
We'd see my mom (grandma) a lot more.
She'd pull down anything and everything she could get a hold of.
There would not be a seat strap in shopping carts impeding on children's freedom to stand.
She'd seek out and greet every person in her view.
She'd climb the steepest scariest not-for-climbing large item.
Cats would be held by their necks in a choke hold position.
A firm pinch, scratch, or head bunt would be considered a form of loving affection.
She'd sit on the couch snuggled beside me at 4am eating frozen grapes.
Shoes would go into re-usable grocery bags and be carried as a purse around the house.
Jewba, Chewba, Dooba and Beeya would be commonly used words (though I have yet to discover their definition).
Once you were done with your meal or wished not to eat it it would HAVE to be thrown on the floor.
Mommy, Daddy and a few other choice individuals would not be allowed to hold other children in front of her.
She'd drink the bath water.
Every stuffed animal would get the tightest squeeze hug daily.
Placing hats and necklaces on and off at a high frequency would be a necessary daily activity.
Being chased and hiding would be a consistent manditory game of the everyday.
She'd be the one responsible for organizing the bottom of the pantry.
Smiles and giggles would forever abound in everyone.
Biting down as hard as one possibly could would be the proper way to handle a finger in her mouth.
She'd play drums on the toilet and wriggle the flusher.
Up on Daddy's shoulders would be the way to travel.
Yelling with sheer glee would be the appropriate thing to do in a quiet serious setting.
She'd take a bite out of anything I'm eating.
A certain picture and frame on my nightstand would forever be hers.
Wrappers(candy included or empty), rocks, and klennexes would be our dearest possessions that we'd clench tightly in our hands everywhere we went.
You could wear more than 1 pair of shoes at a time.
Her big darling grin would allow her to get away with everything.
Crackers would be a staple for EVERY snack and meal.
She could open any door she wanted regardless of the height of the knob.
Garbages, heat registers, and night lights would be fair game.
It would be up to her and only her when pages in a book could be turned.
I wouldn't be allowed to talk on the phone without her constant input.
Phones would be held backwards.
She'd be in charge of picking out my shoes and helping me put them on.
Pulling out every single wipe out of it's container would be an accomplishment worthy of every applause.
She'd eat rocks.
No one could have what she couldn't have.
She wouldn't be sleeping right now.
All paper and pens would belong to her to keep or giveaway as she so desired.
She'd get as as many hugs as she could from her mommy and daddy.

Heaven's slice is becoming knowledgable on your child's desires and saying "yes!" wherever you can.

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Nikki said...

I love the fingers in the mouth would replace a handshake.