Friday, August 1, 2014

To the left to the left

I stare at clocks. When I'm typing at the computer I stare at the clock. Oblivious to the time I am viewing, oblivious to anything really. But yet, my eyes gravitate towards staring at the clock if there is one around when I'm deep in thought. As I sit at my computer typing this blog there is a clock to the left (to the left)  that my eyes and head tilt up towards. Why do I do this? May be it's the soothing tick in silence that places my thoughts into rhythms. May be it's the gentle reminder that time is on my side still, giving me the needed space not to rush my ideas.

Or may be I'm running out of passionate posts this week and needed to grasp at something to fill my weekly quota...
Either way,

Heaven's slice is time.

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