Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Quirks

Random things you may not know about me:

1. I don't like getting my hair or nails done or massages. I'm very uncomfortable when someone is in that close of personal space and touching me. Hugs are totally fine, but other than that I don't know why anyone has to get in that close of personal space with me unless you're my hubs, snuggly little one, or a certified health care professional... in other words I'm NOT your spa-loving-type gal.

2. I've had grey hairs since I was 19, and am secretly kinda proud of it. I really don't know why, but it makes me feel unique and wise (like Rogue from X-men). Though, I do dye it may be once a year cause it does start to bother me when too many strands start pursuing the silver glory.

3. I have a Friends obsession - I mean F*R*I*E*N*D*S obsession as in the tv series. I have all of the seasons and having watched them beginning to end numerous times, they've kinda become a weird part of me. It's like I feel I was in them as every character and when someone brings an episode up a part of me is like, "you weren't even there!!!" It's weird I know but that brings me to the next one...

4. I get too into tv/movies. I really have to watch what I can watch. Scary movies are forbidden. I get too caught up in them to the point where it's like I'm inside the screen and it's all too real. If I watch something particularly disturbing I must watch something else humorous to cover up the would be nightmares. Usually to do so I pop in a certain tv series.

5. I feel I have this talent of counting seconds. I remember when I was little being bored at basketball games so I would look at the score board time. I'd look away and start counting with it and when I'd look back I got to be exactly at the time that it said. Even now I still count in my head with the microwave.

6. I use semi-colons like I'm the grammar/english queen; but truthfully, I still don't know the correct way to use them. I used to just steer clear of ever using them, but then I started getting away with slipping them in here and there. I began using them often in many documents, even work documents, even in editing others' work documents. I'm pretty well tricking people that I know what I'm doing; but I don't, I really don't. It's like every time I use a semi-colon I get the exhilarating excitement of 'am I gonna get away with it?!' May be I'm starting to get why rich people shoplift...

7. This blog has become a HUGE passion for me and a blessing. I have anywhere's from 3-7 posts in my editing thinger awaiting to be published onto the blog. My mind is always spinning with ideas and clever ways to state my opinions on such things. This blog has given me the avenue to focus in on an idea running through my brain and really hone in on what it means to me. I'm able to not only focus and write, but also put my words out there to the public, which really truly is NOT like me. I've always been held back with my un-diagnosed level of social anxiety. This blog has given me a giant leap forward in getting out of that dreaded panic.

8. I hate how many times I used the word "I" in this post. Almost every sentence begins with the same letter and I hate doing that. Usually I would go back and try to spin different sentences starting with a different word, but a small part of me is defiantly lazy - That one probably should have been titled as #9...

Heaven's slice is embracing your quirks.

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