Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2017 = The Year I Discovered the Library

Obviously 2017 was also (and a thousand times more significantly) the year I had our 3rd child. A blessing. A treasure. Our whole world. Family will always be the most important and this baby is so beyond loved. But I feel like writing about the public library right now so...

Ok, so I bought a $10 for the year library card. I actually bought it for the movie aspect because Netflix didn't have the ones I wanted and searching through the Walmart $5 bin was a pain, both for me and my cart full of impatient carted kidlets. So ya, I bought the library card and then... boom.

An entire world was awakened.

Did you know they have like every single movie and new release like ever?! I loved movie rental stores, and I was so sad when they all dissipated. But guess what? The library replaces it ten fold! I mean seriously ten bucks for the year and I can request any movie I want! AND I get to keep them for a whole 7 days plus renew for another week as long as no one else is in line. AND there's no limit on how many I borrow! I do have to wait my place in line once I request a movie that a lot of people also requested, but honestly I think that adds to the excitement of anticipating. Plus it's a fun surprise when I get the e-mail that says it's waiting for me!

You know how they say you change as you get older? Well, I discovered something crazy I never knew about me - I love reading books. Seriously, I may be read 5 books in their entirety from ages 13 to 28. In school I skipped to the end a lot of times. I truly never truly read a full book for book reports and I still got 90's (self-five). I HATED reading books. It took so much time and I had to pay attention or I'd get lost and forget what was happening. I was slow at reading comprehension so that only added to the time consuming bordom I felt. It was all just a waste of time for me. But last year I decided to borrow a couple books from the library. They were ones I'd heard great things about, so what the hey, it was free to borrow and I could always skim and return. Well, the books turned out to be awesome and I loved reading them. I discovered I really love non-fiction books from celebs I adore or topics I love like minimalsim, simplicity, and money. I've read about 12 books in less than a year, which is a huge deal for this notta book reader. I LOVE READING BOOKS! Who knew? definitely not me. (Although I will say I've always loved reading childrens books, I mean they have sweet pictures, whats not to love?!)

Now because of mommy brain I don't retain a ton of information as I read. That may be why I really love and enjoy non-fiction type books, as I can just enjoy the page I'm on. I mean I can only read a page or 2 at a go anyways with kidlets around. I really like that it's also a non-distracting form of entertainment. If I'm reading something on a screen I know I can google that randomn thing that just popped into my head or get engulfed in the facebook newsfeed with a flick or a click. I love that books pull me away from my ipad.

Anyways I originally wanted this post to be much shorter and clearer. But it's late and I'm tired. In short. Get a library card because it's crazy cheap entertainment and you don't have to store dvd's and books any more! (yay for the minimalist home!)

They also have courses I've been meaning to try out. This year I shall try them.

Heaven's slice is finally blogging something after a long long time. Also, it's public libraries.

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