Tuesday, July 19, 2016

10 Years

It was our backroads, pickups, and dust.
It was our teachers testing our trust.
It was our fishpond, blue goose, and main.
It was our moment, it was our "train."

We fought off blues and we won the gold.
We did bad things and scorned those who told.
We were the grads in those gowns and square caps.
We took those trophies and ran those long laps.
We graced that stage and took pride in that walk.
We said goodbye for a future unlocked.

A decade has past since we last took those halls.
Straight A's in subjects mixed with prank office calls.
Cliques turned into friendships as divisions would fade.
A common thread found; a legacy laid.
The world was ours in two-thousand-six.
We separated journeys and sifted our picks.
Unexpected dreams became greatly known.
Struggles and hardships humbled our throne.
Families were started and houses were built.
Missions and adventure had us working full tilt.

The years sped by fast, though we wanted them slow.
The wisdom has set, and we have lots to show.

Heaven's slice is class of '06 and some of the greatest friendships I've ever known.

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