Saturday, March 19, 2016

My week without sugar

I was going to title this 'the hardest week of my life,' but I thought people would probably get the wrong idea...

Why go a week without sugar? Well, given I'm currently writing this particular paragraph on day 6 of 7 without sugar, I almost don't remember why I started this stupid gesture. But I think, I think, I ultimately wanted to gain some sort of self-discipline lesson out of it. Like by giving up something I love and enjoy for a week that used to be an almost daily routine I'd somehow show myself that I can do anything I set my mind to, or like to prove I'm not addicted to sugar, or may be because I had 2 ginormous Billie Minor Pies one after another that made me so sick I decided to take a sugar break, or may be, may be, it was to be more grateful that sugar is in my life, absence does make the heart grow stronger you know. I know for sure it wasn't a health or diet thing, I know it sounds like it should be, but it defenetly wasn't that, that's just not me. May be it was because I just thought I needed an additional WEEKER this month and couldn't think of something, so I came up with this one off the top of my head. I don't know, I can't even focus anymore. I'm pretty much on countdown for Monday. I'll write more after this torture is finished.


Just FYI the reason why was indeed to gain more self-discipline and I thought after eating myself sick it would be easier to tackle a no sugar week for my WEEKER. It wasn't a diet thing but just an 'I'm gonna try something hard' thing. (I will be doing a post about WEEKERS later ;)


I chastised my husband for making pancakes on my day 7 and then vocalized later that night of all my baking plans for the morning in using that sweet white granulated delicacy. Then the weirdest thing happened - I woke up after my 7 day fast without sugar and my cravings vanished. Seriously. It was like my sweet tooth fell out over night. I had a part of a chocolate muffin just because I felt I had to. It was good, but not the same. I didn't crave more. It was weird. Later that night I had ice cream, again, just because I felt I should, and after a bowl of it, I didn't crave more. So weird. It's like the first bite was really good then it all tapered off from being very good at all; Whereas before, every bite was as fantastic as the first and I'd just chase more and more of it. I didn't anticipate this result on day 8 at all, in fact I'm still kind of in shock over the matter.

From what I gather 1 of 2 things happened, or may be a mixture of both. Either -

A) My defient personality that is my weakness came out swinging AKA - If you tell me 'No' I desire it that much more and if it's not 'against the rules' the appeal lessens dramatically for me. This could definitely explain why on day 8, when I could have sugar, it just no longer appealed the way it did. (This is my husband's vote ps.)


B) My sweet tooth did indeed fall out AKA - I starved my desire for sugar so much so that it died.

I don't know what the answer is but either way, my will power has increased a ton from this challenge and I feel like I could karate chop a 2 by 4 if I really wanted to. 

My sweet tooth has actually started to regrow because of these cookies pictured above. These are AMAZINGLY delicious and AMAZINGLY easy and quick to make. 

Heaven's slice is will power... and delicious cookies!

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