Friday, June 12, 2015


I remember when I had my first baby how I was so worried about having another because it would mean that I would no longer have all the time in the world devoted to her anymore; she'd have to share me. I felt guilty for wanting more children that would take me away from her. Then I thought about what my life would be like without my siblings... and my mind and heart immediately changed. Giving my child a sibling would be one of the greatest gifts I could ever do for her. May be I'm a little biased because my siblings are pretty much amaze balls and I love them to bits, but I just knew my little girl had to have at least one sibling!!

This moment is one of my favourites.

"Moments are the molecules that make up eternity. "
                                     - Neal A. Maxwell The Tugs and Pulls of the World

Heaven's slice is siblings.

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