Friday, February 13, 2015

Pillow Talk

Let's talk about the '50 Shades of Grey' movie coming out  Psych!!! Pretty sure you all can take one wild guess on where I stand on that...

No, this post is actually about pillows! Yay!

So I've been wanting to add colour to my front living area and found that really if I could just add some in with pillows to my chocolate brown couches that that would do the trick. 

Problem is... I'm kind of a cheap skate and had/have a vision in my head that I'm just not ready to fully commit to yet. Enter in my brilliance of using stuff I already had kicking around that was serving no purpose:

A cheap table cloth I bought at clearance that never looked good on my table, scraps from when I redid my dining room chairs, a scrap mustard yellow strip of fabric, a handed down odd shaped long cable knit cream zipper turtle-necked sweater (did I use enough adjectives?), and an arms too short with button's missing plaid coat.

I also had some pillows kicking around:

And if it failed... meh... I'm out nothing.

This took me a lot longer than I would have may be liked (I have a toddler), but thankfully because I'm not a perfectionist I was able to cut a lot of time-consuming corners. They all come off easily and there was no need to make any buttons or zippers for this as I just used what the coats already had and the others were envelope style. The rosette pillow was by far my favourite to make though, as I already had the plain pillow and just needed to glue gun those fabric strips on - easy peasy.

 I feel like my house just got a tad cozier...

I must say though I found out that I'm not quite in the phase of life to be getting into these sort of time-consuming daytime projects. Yes, I'm super happy with the final results, but the stress of my little one in my sewing room getting into everything, throwing tantrums because I wouldn't let her sit on my lap as I was measuring/pinning/sewing, and seeing her escalate into sadness for my neglecting her... ya I think I'll try passing on all that. I even tried plopping her in front of the TV(gasp!) while I finished up some of it, but she wouldn't and isn't the kind of kid that's into screens really... which I'm actually so grateful for. She wants to be wherever I am and this phase I'm in is so crazy awesome I feel like I should be dwelling in it a lot more. Truly a lot of my "projects" can wait... "the best things in life aren't things!" after all and there's nothing wrong with only doing the needful.

Heaven's slice is making use of what you have and embracing your current phase of life.

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